McapMediaWire – Universal Media Group Inc. (OTC: UMGP) (“UMGP”) , an emerging producer and distributor of both short and long-form content, is pleased to announce the expansion of multiple business verticals. Through programming created under the UMGP banner, targeted program acquisitions, partnerships, and aggressive national marketing campaigns, the company is excited about the development of multiple new revenue verticals while continuing to develop its current in-house projects.

This season, “Before the Fame” is expanding the franchise with an “Influencers Edition”. Show host Mike Sherman will be speaking to some of today’s most popular social media influencers, including stock, crypto, and lifestyle influencers, today’s internet celebrities. This franchise expansion will be sure to put millions of viewers in front of Before the Fame and Universal Media. “Before the Fame” and host Mike Sherman takes viewers back to the early days of today’s biggest stars. The show features never-before-seen footage taking you down memory lane to the beginning of the careers, tracking their success to where it all began! The show brings you never-before-seen footage of each celebrity’s rise to the top.

Another product vertical expansion is a joint venture project called Universal Streams, an OTT streaming platform for indie creators. Launching in 2023, our first in-house streaming production will be a stock, crypto, NFT, and gaming-centric 24-hour news network spanning markets across the globe. We are excited about the attention this will bring to our company both domestically and internationally. Our slated hosts combined, have tens of millions of viewers on their multiple social media platforms from across the globe. We will leverage our combined networks to reach a massive number of content consumers via Universal Streams. Our reach will be extensive with this first-of-its-kind OTT streaming network programming.

Currently listed on the OTC Market, Universal Media is in the process of uplisting to the OTCQB. This is in anticipation of our submittal of a listing application to the NASDAQ by the end of our 2023-2024 fiscal year. The time is right to increase value and exposure for our shareholders and in that spirit, we are also soon to announce details of a special digital dividend and listing on a nationally recognized blockchain exchange upon approvals from the SEC and related regulatory authorities. More to follow.

About Universal Media Group

Universal Media Group (UMGP) is a publicly traded Digital Media Production company. Universal creates an eclectic array of content, including national television network celebrity programming, streaming financial news, and opinion shows. The company will continue to pursue strategic business investments, partnerships, and acquisitions that will ultimately increase profitability and expand the company’s reach, focus, and portfolio of business assets.

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