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Montréal – TheNewswire – September 1, 2023 – The Board of Directors of ATW Tech Inc. (“ATW Tech” or “the Corporation“) (TSXV:ATW), announces the departure of Mr. Michel Guay as Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”), the interim appointment of Mr. Christian Trudeau as Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and the appointment of Mr. Michel Goyette as Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”).

The Board of Directors of the Corporation announces the decision of Mr. Michel Guay to retire and his interim replacement by Mr. Christian Trudeau as Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), effective as of today. Mr. Trudeau will combine his new role with that of Chairman of the Board on an interim basis.


Mr. Trudeau is currently the President and Founder of Services Conseils Optimista Inc., a group of management and strategic alignment consultants who support innovative technology companies in their growth phases. Mr. Trudeau has also served as CEO of several major companies over the past 25 years, including Airmedic, Transcontinental Interactif, Centria Commerce and BCE Emergis. He is a strategic visionary with an excellent track record – particularly in opening up new markets and successfully managing periods of business transformation.

In addition, following Mr. Guay’s departure, the Board of Directors of the Corporation announces his replacement by Mr. Michel Goyette as Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”), effective as of today.

Mr. Goyette is a digital pioneer with a career of more than 20 years, during which he has leveraged his expertise with technology and media companies. Recognized for his ability to focus on innovation and growth, he has held several management positions in the areas of business strategy, new market development and new technology product development. For the past several months, Mr. Goyette has been acting as a consultant for the Corporation and will support it in its next challenges.

Mr. Goyette and Mr. Trudeau will participate in the Company’s option plan and will together receive 15,913,379 options at $0.05, exercisable for a period of 3 years. With these appointments, ATW is taking a new turn, which echoes the decision made by Mr. Guay earlier this year, namely his intention to retire as soon as the acquisition process of NEOS Group Inc. was completed.

“We congratulate Michel for his professionalism and the work he has accomplished in recent years, particularly in leading the Company’s growth plan into new areas of artificial intelligence. We thank him for his years of service to the Company and wish him a happy retirement.” announces Christian Trudeau, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who will also act as interim CEO.

“It is with emotion that I announce my retirement. With the acquisition/consolidation process complete, it’s time for everyone to start an exciting new chapter. With our long-term strategic planning process well underway, now is the perfect time to begin handing over the reins to a new team that will realize the full potential of ATW’s technology portfolio.


I wish the entire ATW team every success and thank them for their support over the years,” said Mr. Guay.


Michel Guay will play an advisory role at ATW to ensure an orderly and smooth transition with the new team.

Other appointments

The Company’s Board of Directors announces the appointment of Mr. Guy Camiré as director to replace Mr. Michel Guay. In addition, the Board of Directors also announces the appointment of Mr. Guy Camiré as Vice-President – Operations and Product Development, of Mr. Jacques Charland as Vice-President – Consulting Services and Technology, of Ms. Marianne Landry as Vice-President – Corporate Affairs and Mr. Raymond Cyr as Business Strategy Advisor.

This new multidisciplinary team combines a track record of success and strengths that will be used to exploit the full potential of ATW’s new technology product portfolio. With these new assets, ATW is moving into a new era with unparalleled energy.


Guy Camiré, Director and Vice-President – Operations and Product Development


Enthusiastic entrepreneur and visionary, Mr. Camiré has an impressive track record of strategic deliveries and innovative technological products in various industries. He was most recently a senior partner at Neos Group, where he was in charge of product development and delivery of client projects, in addition to managing business operations.


Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Université de Sherbrooke, Mr. Camiré has worked for several organizations during his career. There, he has developed recognized expertise in the governance of management teams and the governance of digital transformation programs. He has also led several transformational projects within major organizations such as Bell Canada, BNC, CN, Air Canada (Aeroplan) and Exo.


As an entrepreneur, he founded several companies, mainly in the information technology (IT) and telecommunications sectors.


Considered by his peers as an empathetic and pragmatic leader, he is recognized for his effectiveness in keeping his teams engaged and motivated to achieve objectives.


Jacques Charland, Vice-President of Consulting Services and Technology


For the past three years, Mr. Charland has been Head of Technologies and Professional Services within the Neos Group. He played a key role in acquiring and retaining new customers and establishing strong and lasting partnerships, particularly with Microsoft Canada.


He was also responsible for the orientation of the service offer of Neos Group, recruitment and talent management specifically selected in the field of analytics with proven intrapreneurial skills.


Visionary, pragmatic and lucid, he has been able, over the past 30 years, to use his leadership skills to mobilize his colleagues around common objectives and thus carry out the Company’s vision, both in organizational development as well as in the growth and management of operations within organizations such as Covansys Corporation and InEdge Solutions. His business experience enables him to easily appreciate the challenges of business sectors such as retail, service companies, the financial sector and the manufacturing sector, to name a few, in order to articulate and offer innovative and sustainable solutions.


Marianne Landry, Vice-President of Corporate Affairs


Dynamic and passionate, Ms. Landry is a commercial and securities lawyer. Her commitment to legal excellence, which earned her to graduate with honours and at the top of her class, allows her to navigate with ease through the legal challenges and issues of the business world. She has built a solid reputation and offers insightful advice and innovative solutions to the companies she advises, being recognized for the creativity of the legal solutions she implements to reconcile the objectives of the various parties involved and enable them to meet their business objectives.


Having founded and acquired several successful companies in the technology and agri-food sectors, she has a unique perspective that combines legal practice with the concrete reality of business management. This enables her to anticipate legal needs while understanding the operational issues faced by companies. Her hands-on experience in management, negotiation and problem solving has allowed her to develop a holistic and strategic approach to guide her clients to success.


Whether as a lawyer or as an entrepreneur, her passion for innovation and excellence remains unwavering. She continually strives to add exceptional value to every challenge she faces, with the ultimate goal of delivering tangible results and lasting solutions for her clients, while contributing significantly to the evolution of the commercial landscape.


Raymond Cyr, Business Strategy Advisor


Mr. Cyr has more than 30 years’ experience in software development and statistics in the fields of social research and marketing research. He holds a degree in Engineering Physics and a Masters in Transportation Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal. He began his career at the Applied Mathematics Society, and later acted as Manager of Statistics and Information Technology at CROP, a firm specializing in social and marketing studies in Canada. His scientific training combined with his experience prepared him to found and grow Voxco, a software company headquartered in Montréal and operating its own offices in the United States, Europe and Australia, with an excellent reputation in the social and marketing research industry. For many years, Voxco has developed, improved and implemented its software products and services for its many customers to meet their ever-changing needs for data collection and statistical analysis. Semeon was initially incorporated as a division of Voxco before becoming an independent corporate entity. Following this separation, Mr. Cyr followed Semeon’s evolution as a Director until its sale to ATW Tech on November 9, 2020.


During these years, Mr. Cyr was also an active member of professional societies such as AAPOR, WAPOR, ARIM and Esomar, in which he was the official representative of Canada for 3 years. In 2018, he was invited to become a member of a committee of experts to advise the Government of Canada on the standards to adopt for its public opinion surveys. In 2019, Mr. Cyr and his partners sold Voxco to a private group, which continues to operate the company successfully, and he is currently a member of Voxco’s advisory committee.




ATW Tech (TSX-V: ATW) is a technology company that owns several recognized technology platforms such as Semeon Analytics, Option.Vote and Voxtel. Semeon is an accurate and highly reliable text analytics platform for customer reviews. Semeon uses a unique combination of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to detect relevant behavior among customer reviews, regardless of the channel used. offers a tailor-made multimodal voting system for trade unions, political parties, professional associations and anyone looking for a safe way to reduce their voting costs and improve their turnout. VoxTel is a platform dedicated to telephone billing and alternative payment solutions for fixed and mobile lines.


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