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May 18, 2023 – TheNewswire


Agriplay Ventures Incorporated (Agriplay), a leading provider of state-of-the-art vertical farming technology, has announced the sale of its territory license for the state of Montana to Zion International Organic Nutraceuticals Incorporated (Zion).  This 10-year agreement represents a significant milestone for both companies in their shared mission to address food security by bringing control of the food supply chain back to the local community.


Zion is dedicated to solving food security challenges by fixing broken supply chains and promoting local food production. Their goal is to establish an ecosystem of entrepreneurial growers and transform underutilized commercial real estate into productive local farms. Zion has already established a network of operators and licensees in multiple markets. It is working closely in partnership with Agriplay and its other territorial licensees to establish social food initiatives across North America.


Dan Houston, President of Agriplay Ventures Inc., expressed his excitement about the partnership, “We are thrilled to have Zion as a strategic partner in our mission to transform underutilized commercial real estate into productive vertical farms. Zion’s success in working with local entrepreneurs and investors to develop operational farms is inspiring, and we are confident that our partnership will lead to meaningful progress in addressing food security challenges at a local and national level.”


This agreement between Agriplay and Zion fits into more significant strategic relationships and programs to promote local food production and address food security challenges. Both companies are committed to leveraging their expertise to help communities onshore their food production and build sustainable food systems.


As part of this partnership, Zion will have access to Agriplay’s cutting-edge vertical farming technology and expertise, while Agriplay will benefit from Zion’s established network of operators and licensees. Together, the two companies will work to develop innovative solutions to promote local food production and build a more sustainable food system.


About Agriplay Ventures Inc.

Agriplay Ventures Inc. of Calgary, Alberta is an elevated, urban farming technology  company that works with territory stakeholders in commercial real estate markets to dramatically improve asset value through the conversion and adaptive reuse of commercial real estate assets into productive indoor farms for local operators.  Using proprietary technology, Agriplay uses advanced power management, automation, and artificial intelligence to leverage, augment, and transition local labour to service local demands for food.


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